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We collaborate with influencers, change makers, and government.

With our uniquely proven, diversified and specialized experience in the aviation industry as well as the U.S. government, we think far beyond the project at hand. We focus on learning about your business, goals, strategies and strengths to identify the areas and opportunities that can further improve your business success.  Through teamwork, we will manage all aspects of the project including innovation, planning, collaboration, action and measuring your business success. 

Our Mission

Through innovation, creativity, teamwork and experience turn your aviation business vision into a reality.

Our Goals

Through expert consultancy assist private aviation businesses or public entities to achieve their objective on aviation best practices, policies and procedures .

Aviation Idea
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Conceptual Strategies

We provide a variety of services to Part 135 Operations.  We can assist from initial startups, crisis management and reorganizations, flight operation management to technical services such as Director of Maintenance “DOM” and more…

We provide Specialized Aviation Audits and Services to the organizations requiring such services.  There are many reasons to utilize third party professional audits .

We can assist the Part 145 repair station applicants on how to start a new Air Agency.  We can compile the necessary package and develop custom manuals.  Crisis management to streamline the operations or help resolving any ongoing issues.

Our expertise in the aviation industry can assist you with your aviation business plan.  We will be with you from Start to Finish for the Realization of your business plan.

We develop customized, high-quality aviation manuals such as GOM and GMM for Part 135, RSM / QCM Training Programs for Part 145 as well as EASA and UK CAA Supplements.  We ensure necessary revisions for FAA acceptance / approval.

The Aviation Market is expected to grow from $330 billion in 2023 to over $386 billion by 2028. What will be your share of this market growth?

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